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You think you know

But you have no clue

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Miss M
3 February
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she shows no emotion at all
stares into space like a dead china doll

One day I'm going to grow wings

1962 thunderbird, a thousand kisses deep, alloy snares, anais nin, ani difranco, ansel adams, art, autumn leaves, beaches, being naked, black and white photography, blue velvet, bob marley, books, bookstores, candel light, canvas, clive barker, cloudy days, darkrooms, david lanz, david lynch, dead kennedys, descendents, dirt roads, drinking tea with honey, driving to far places, drummers, east bay, edgar allen poe, elliott smith, erotic fantasies, erotica, exploring, faeries, faery of dark despair, falling leaves, falling rain, friends, fugi slide flim, george winston, granny sweaters, grinder shoes, h.p. lovecraft, hafiz, hands, hunter green, intrigue, ivory keys, jazz, jeff buckley, john hughes, journal, kissing, leonard cohen, lost in the sounds, louis armstrong, love, lust, magenta, messages, mission district, modest mouse, monkey boots, moonlight, mountains, music, my sister, my son, naked aggression, new castle beer, nick drake, nikon, nobel and cooley, nomeansno, old cars, painting, photography, photoshop, pj harvey, playing piano, poetry, portishead, postcards, radiohead, reading, red wine, reflections, romance, rumi, san francisco, sex, shakespeare, shooting stars, skating, sky harbor, snow covered trees, sonic youth, stickers, strychnine, sunflowers, sunrise, sunsets, sushi, suzanne vega, tattoos, the bird, the blues, the cure, the dead milkmen, the fall, the gift, the hush hush lounge, the kiss that kills, the pixies, the ramones, the scarlet letter, the specials, the vagina monologues, thinking, tim burton, tori amos, trees, upright bass, van morrison, victorian, vinyl, vodka, walking, warmth, wasabi, web design, wind, winter, writing, xanadu, yosemite

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